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MOULISON HEAVY ELECTRICAL (formally Moulison North Corporation), has been the choice of quality conscious government agencies, and developers, throughout New England and New York for over two decades.  We specialize in Airport and Infrastructure electrical installations, employing emphasis on quality workmanship.  Our team spirit and commitment to project success, is second only to our diverse skills.   Moulison self -performs all electrical related excavation, backfill, concrete construction, steel erection, and post installation testing.  This eliminates the use of multiple sub-contractors, and gives us complete control over scheduling, to insure deadlines are met.  This unique “complete package” approach is preferable to General Contractors, as it enables them to focus on what they do best, and at the same time maintain cost effective results.


“We Employ The Best” isn’t just a tag line developed by an ad agency.  It’s the way we do business, every day, plain and simple.  It’s the pride our people demonstrate, every day.  It’s the race to be the best, every day.  And it’s our commitment to you, every day, to make your project a success.  

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