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 At Moulison Heavy Electrical we don’t just provide jobs.  We provide opportunities!  In fact, most of our Managers, Foreman, and Electricians started at entry level positions, and developed into the finest craftspeople in the industry.  They take pride in their ability to “shift gears” quickly to meet the demands of a challenging project.  We recognize our people as our greatest resource, and enjoy a very low turnover of help.  Put the Moulison team to work on your next project!

They say the road to success is always under construction.  We couldn’t agree more. That's why we staff and equip every project with a "big company" attitude. However, when it comes to project management, quality control, and general oversight, a "small company" attitude ensures your project gets the attention it requires. Project managers, as well as the company founder, are involved in the day to day operations of every project!

Providing the right tools is essential to the success of any project. Moulison Heavy Electrical maintains an extensive inventory of well-maintained equipment to support it's field operations.  From hydraulic excavators, to a full complement of state of the art electrical testing equipment, and everything in between.  Additionally, we employ the resources of the best suppliers and manufacturers in the industry. Moulison has the horsepower to tackle your next project!

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